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Selective pallet racking

Selective pallet racking
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Selective pallet racking
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Jiangsu Nova Logistics System Co.,Ltd
Selective pallet racking
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  • Min Order1 piece


        Structural feature: Aisle pallet racking is also called Location pallet racki


Structural feature: Aisle pallet racking is also called Location pallet racking which is of cut-in composite structure; the upright made by continuous punching and rolling; the frame is assembled by uprights and bracings and beams are fixed to uprights by hooks. There are safety locks to fix beams and uprights tightly, protecting beams from dropping when loading goods with forklifts. The height of each layer can be adjusted by 75mm freely, the capacity of each layer can be up to 4000kg. It’s convenient to load and unload pallets with goods on by using forklifts; Such forklifts as front-move forklift 、balance-weight forklift、common forklift and stackers can be used to load and unload goods. Steel panels, wooden panels and decking are also available for putting on beams instead of pallets. Pallet racking is the most common storage system which is used in fields of manufacturing industry、the third part logistics、distribution centers、supermarket and so on. Pallet racking is the first choice when building High position warehouses and AS/RS System.



Upright: 80*60,90*60,90*70,100*70, 120*87,140*95 or customized by clients

Beams are divided into Box beams and Step beams

Sectional sizes of box beams include: K80, K90, K100, K110, K120, K140, K150

Sectional sizes of step beams include:PK95, PK115, PK135, PK155

Base plate Row space and back bracing